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Our Vision Statement

Raising up a generation to be established in their true identity and be empowered to positively impact the nation



Our Mission

Our mission is to help bring awareness of taboo topics in South Korea. We desire to empower those in positions of influence (teachers, counselors, administrators, pastors, parents, etc.) to be better educated and trained to positively impact the lives of the youth that have been entrusted to them. We believe that this applies to all organizations in Korea that interact with the youth (local public schools, private academies, international schools, youth groups, families).


We seek to do this through providing information, educational resources and guest speakers to create greater awareness. We are looking to also hold seminars for parents, students, teachers, administrators and youth leaders to show how they can make a difference and begin to change a culture of shame and secrecy that has been sown into the fabric of Korean society.


*For more information about the different taboo topics and about the different available resources, please explore the tabs at the top of the page.

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